Down Town

Our walk takes us to buildings from the time of the Great Elector, the Soldier King, Frederick II, Frederick William III and IV and their great architects, such as Knobelsdorff, Gontard, Boumann, Schinkel, Persius, and Stühler.

Duration approx. 2,5 -3 hours

Marmorpalais and
New Garden

Frederick William II fulfilled a real dream at the Holy Lake with the Marble Palace and the New Garden. Everywhere one meets wonderful view axes for example over to the Peacock Island and many small architectural surprises.

Duration approx. 2,5 hours

Castle Sanssouci und Park Sanssouci

The most famous building of Frederick II and his architect Knobelsdorff is the summer residence Sanssouci. A gem of the Peaceful Rococo period. The boundaries of the palace and park are blurred and merge into a truly royal elegance.

Duration approx. 2,5 hours

Picture Galerie
Park Sanssouci

In the picture gallery, Frederick II presented about 180 masterpieces of the Flemish, Dutch and Italian Baroque and Renaissance, e.g. Van Dyck, Hieronymus Bosch, Caravaggio and Rubens. Afterwards we explore the beauties of the park.

Duration approx. 2,0 hours

New Chambers and
Sanssouci Park

Ursprünglich waren die Neuen Kammern als Orangerie konzipiert. Später wurde daraus ein Gäste- und Festehaus. Wunderschöne, vergoldete Ovid Metamorphosen und prachtvolles Handwerk begegnen uns dort. Im Park werden wir u.a. das Chinesischen Haus sehen.

Dauer ca. 2,0 Stunden

New Palais and
Park Sanssouci

Mon Fanfaronade – “My bragging rights” is how Frederick II called his New Palace. It served as a guest palace. The wonderful decoration is a testimony to the tremendous craftsmanship. In the park we will pass the Temple of Friendship and the Heckentheater.

Duration 2,5 hours

Orangerie Castle and
Park Sanssouci

The idea of the Orangery Palace was to combine a utility building (Orangery) with a living space and at the same time create a public space (Rafael copy collection). Afterwards we go to the park designed by Lenné.

Duration approx. 2.5 hours

Charlotten-Yard and
Park Sanssouci

Frederick William IV had a house in the park of Sanssouci redesigned by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. In this house there are also original furniture and objects of the artist. Afterwards we walk from Charlottenhof to the Roman Baths and the Hippodrome. Enjoy this Schinkel ensemble.

Duration 2 hours

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